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OdoCare Pro is the first odourless waste container for the disposal of incontinencematerials.

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The patented OdoCare storage system is sealed airtight. The unique storage design keeps unpleasant odours contained in a special odourless bag. The OdoCare bags can be stored separately without leaking odour.

The OdoCare Pro comes with a recyclable disposable. This disposable can be easily changed if necessary, or with each cleaning shift. By using the OdoCare Pro there is no visual contact anymore with the disposed materials. Because of this hygienic storage solution, the risk of viruses will be reduced.

Easy to use
The Odocare Pro has a large opening so any size of incontinence material will fit. The OdoCare pro is an one hand control system, just drop and flip the handle. Due to the ergonomic design, the OdoCare bag can be changed easily..

To meet the existing demand of mobility, the OdoCare Pro can be equipped with wheels (Tente). The OdoCare Pro can be attached to any laundry car with the special OdoCare adapters.

In recognition of the environmental responsibility, the disposable of the OdoCare Pro is made of recycled materials, such as used diapers and other plastics. 
Next to this, materials, which are stored in the OdoCare pro, can easily be separated from normal trash and presented for recycling purposes that meet EU guidelines.

Large Capacity
The OdoCare Pro is available in two versions. The OdoCare OdoCare Pro 75L and 45L. The Odocare Pro 75L is designed for larger institutions such as nursing homes, hospitals, private clinics, etc. For home use and smaller institutions, we recommend OdoCare Pro 45L.

Improves the habitat
Because of the reduction of unpleasant odours everybody benefits. Conditions for residence, nursing staff and visitors will be improved. Furthermore a substantial declining of labor costs can be achieved in the daily routines.

SanaLife B.V.

Since 1993 SanaLife B.V. has been active in The Netherlands and Belgium as a manufacturer/wholesaler for medical products (MiteCare anti allergy encasings).
In 2011 SanaLife was granted a worldwide exclusive license for the production and sales of the OdoCare line.